LMS Data C-CABLE-C6-LSOH-300-UTP Cat6 LSZH Ethernet 305m Cable



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The C-CABLE-C6-LSOH-300-UTP from LMS Data offers your current and future data, video and voice applications complete assurance with bandwidth demands to Category 6 standards and beyond.

Available in LS0H violet, CAT6 is a fully cross compliant Category 6, 4-Pair 23AWG (American wire gauge) solid core with improved NEXT, ELFEXT and SNR (Signal-to-noise Ratio) together with improved cable construction to exceed current Category 6 standards such as the adaptive central cross-member, increased AWG annealed copper and correct twist-ratio of the 4-Pairs.

All bound in a low OD flexible out sheath. Fully Gigabit (1000BaseT), ATM622 and backward Fast Ethernet Compliant.


Type: UTP 23AWG x4 Solid Pair with LS0H Metre Marked Sheath
Performance: CAT6, CAT5E (enhanced) 1000BaseT (Gigabit)
ATM-622 Compliant, 10/100BaseT Compliant
Standards: ISO/IEC-11801, ETA/TIA-568B, UL Approved
EC Verified, RoHS Standard, international Approvals
Conductor Resistance/Insulation: -/+ 8.2ohms/100 Metres/5000MOhmsKm
Conductor: Soft Annealed Bare Copper
Insulation (Outer): LS0H violet Sheath, Rip Cord, - Nominal Wall Thickness of Sheath 0.55mm

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