Accuratus Monster 2 High Visibility Keyboard Lower Case Keys


Another great buy for the education sector, this Monster 2 USB lower case keyboard is one of our most popular keyboards for schools as it helps young children with computing.

Same outer size as a conventional keyboard but with large, tactile 1" keys. Ideal for classroom use; utilises the correct UK layout for easy transition to standard keyboards.

Then there's the High Visibility & High Contrast models designed for users with vision impairment. With high visibility large black legends against a bright yellow background, or large black legends on a high contrast white background. The perfect combinations for those with certain sight deficiencies.

Maybe you just want a keyboard with big keys because they look cool, whatever the reason, these tough keyboards are precise and a joy to use.


High visibility and contrasting keys to assist the visually impaired.
Features different coloured vowels, numbers and symbols.
LED status light for Caps Lock function.
Detachable wrist rest for comfortable typing.
USB interface with 2 port USB hub in rear.
Supports Win XP/Vista/7/8.