Cablexpert CCP-RG59D-001-300M Premium Dual RG59 Coaxial Cable



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This is a Cablexpert CCP-RG59D-001-300M premium dual-RG59 coaxial cable, 300m in length. RG59+2 composite cable allows you to send power and a video signal down just the one cable, saving you installation time and money fitting one cable instead of two. The two cables run in shotgun style and can easily be separated to allow the power cores to be taken to a power source leaving the RG59 to be crimped for connection to a DVR, camera or monitor.


Combination of RG59 coaxial cable (foil shielded) and 2-wire power cable
Professional quality, copper material
Perfect for connecting CCTV cameras
Type: RG59 + power


Impedance: 75 Ohms
Core: 0.81 mm bare copper
Di-electric: 3.66 mm foamed PE
Foil shield material: Aluminium
Braiding: 64 x 0.12 mm CCA
Outside jacket material: PVC
Outside diameter: 6.1 mm
Conductor: 7 x 0.39 CCA stranded (2x)
Insulation: PVC
Outside jacket material: PVC
Outside diameter: 5.0 mm
Colour: Black
Length: 300 m (spool)
Summary specification: (0.81BC+3.66FPE +SALB+64/0.12CCA + 6.1PVC) + ((7*0.39CCA +2.0PVC)*2C+5.0PVC)

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