Duracell Plus Power Batteries C LR14/MN1400 Pack of 2



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Duracell Plus Power Batteries C LR14/MN1400 Pack of 2. Duracell has built a reputation as the leader in battery power. Their Duracell Plus C MN1400 battery is built using the most modern of manufacturing techniques. Over the years, Duracell has managed to increase the power of their C LR14 batteries by more than 30%. This is why the Duracell Plus C is considered to be one of the best batteries on the market.

Duracell Plus C batteries will give you long-lasting, reliable performance for many of today's high-drain products. Some of the products that use LR14 batteries include torches, flashlights, CD players, and many motorised toys. If you use any of these products on a daily basis you should consider powering them with a Duracell Plus battery. C type batteries are also listed as LR14.


Battery Size: C Batteries
Manufacturer: Duracell
Voltage: 1.5V
Battery Technology: Alkaline
Product Range: Duracell Plus Power
Replaces C LR14 R14 HP11 MN1400 UM2 BABY

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