Gembird Filament 3D Printer PLA Plus (Polylactide) 1.75mm 1Kg



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Filament for 3D Printer Made from PLA Plus (Polylactide) 1.75mm 1Kg . Much better hardness than normal PLA.

The hardness is practically equal to ABS. Environmentally friendly and without the smell of ABS. Versatile and easy to use. PLA (polylactide) is a biodegradable thermoplastic polyester, which is easy to print for variety 3D printers.

It has no odour, a lower melting point and good flow-ability, no need to post-treatment. PLA-plus plastic variant has higher hardness and toughness than regular PLA, and is more environmental friendly, also it is as easily warped while printing. High precision roundness enables higher printing quality. No bubbles, vivid colours. Can be applied to a variety of 3D printers.


Material: PLA+, 1.75 mm diameter
Weight: 1 kg/spool (2.2 lbs)
Length: approx. 330 m
Density at 21.5°C: 1.25 g/cm3
Melt Flow Index at g / 10 min 190°C / 5 kg: 5
Melt Point: 195°C - 235°C
Heat-Deflection-Temperature: 47°C
Yield Strength at 5 mm / min: 72 MPa
Impact Strength: 12 KJ/m
Ensile Break: 30%
Diameter: 1.75 mm ± 0.05mm
Spool dimensions: 200mm (diameter) x 67mm (height) x 53mm (central hole)

System Requirements

A 3D printer with 1.75 mm extruder of temperature around 200 °C, suitable for PLA filament

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