Gembird D40SM-12A Silent 4cm Case Fan Sleeve Bearing for PC


This Gembird D40SM-12A provides a better airflow inside your system and increases its stability. Always keep your equipment cool and prevent it from overheating and this cooler fan will do the job perfectly.


Durable sleeve bearing cooling fan.
Connector type: 3 Pins.
Speed up to 5000 RPM.
Dimensions – 40 x 40 x 10mm


Rated voltage: 12VDC
Operation voltage: 6V~14V
Rated current: 0.12A
Rated power (max): 1.44W
Starting voltage: 6V
Locked current: 0.16A
Insulation type: UL: Class A
Speed (max): 5000RPM±10%
Maximum air flow: 3.08CFM
Maximum statis pressure: 2.08mm-H2O
Acoustical noise: 27 dB
Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF): 30000 hrs