Gembird STR-MV-02 Wired Vibrating Steering Wheel with Pedals


The Gembird STR-MV-02 wired racing wheel gives you the definitive racing sim experience for the PlayStation 2, 3 and PC.

Experience a new level of racing that far exceeds your regular controller. The STR-MV-02 for PlayStation / PC is designed to take on the latest console racing game. Feel every corner (or bump) with the in-build vibration and don’t forget to keep the foot down with the added bonus of the precise pedals, these could make the difference to securing pole position.

As well as breaking track records, this steering wheel also features a gear shift stick which will help you with them quick gear changes whilst tackling them corners.

Compatible with the PlayStation 2 / 3 and PC, so what are you waiting for.

On your marks….Get set….. GO.


Steering wheel with built-in vibration and gear stick.
3 interfaces in one wheel: PC (USB), PS2, PS3.
Automatic game console detection without switching.
Spring-loaded pedals with accelerator and brakes functions.
180-degree steering angle.
2-axis, 12 buttons with view hat.
PS Button for direct access to the PS3 menu in PS3.
Built-in dual vibration for realistic driving experience.
Comfortable tactile-enhanced rubber grip.
Sturdy heavy construction and strong suction cup fixation.


Interface: PC (USB), PlayStation 2/3.
Wheel rotation: 180 degrees.
Wheel diameter 220 mm (9").
Supports: Digital mode and Analog mode in PS2, Direct-X mode and X-input mode in PC.
Power consumption: 5 V DC up to 180 mA.
Steering wheel cable length: 1.9 m.
Foot pedal unit cable length: 1.7 m.
Product size: 250 x 245 x 275 mm (LxHxW).
Net weight: 1.2kg.
System requirements.
For PC: USB port; Windows Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10.