Cablexpert HDMI to Micro D High Speed Data 4K Cable 4.5M Black



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This cable features a Micro HDMI (Type D) to HDMI (Type A). The micro connector is used on mobile phones, cameras, video cameras and other portable devices - where space is crucial.

This cable can be used to connect devices to TVs and projectors, etc... The Micro HDMI Connector was introduced with the HDMI 1.4 specification. It still has the 19 pins used with the Type A (the typical standard HDMI connector) but the connector size is smaller at 2.8mm x 6.4mm.


Micro D HDMI to HDMI cable.
High speed with Ethernet.
Supports 3D over HDMI audio return channel.
4k2k resolution support.
Expanded support for colour spaces.
Gold connectors.
Type A to Type D connectors.

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