Infapower Value Home Battery Charger for AA AAA 9V Ni-CD Ni-MH


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Infapower C007 mains powered universal black battery charger for AA, AAA, 9V batteries.

Charges 1300mAh AA in 9 hours, 2700 AA in 20 hours, 700mAh AAA in 5 hours, 170mAh 9V in 13 hours and will charge any brand of rechargeable batteries.


Easy to use rechargeable battery charger
Charge two or four AA /AAA, or one or two 9v Ni-MH batteries
Manual charge control
Short circuit protection
Reverse polarity protection
Will charge any brand of rechargeable batteries

Charge times:

AA 1300mAh charge time 9hrs
AAA 700mAh charge time 5hr
9v 170mAh charge time 13hr

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