KAUDEN LX457 Broadband Stabiliser and Line Conditioner



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Electrical noise, especially REIN Noise, can affect one's Broadband signal, causing glitches suppressing the line speed and a source of poor Performance.

The word REIN stands for Repetitive Electrical Impulse Noise and this type of interference can be caused by, faulty power adapters, home appliances like Kettles, streetlamps, railway power lines and even Christmas tree lights.

It is often the neighbours where the issue emanates from and this adaptor will help to condition the Broadband telephone line and reduce these issues.

This device is plugged between the Router and Broadband Wall Socket/ Adaptor/Dongle. Unplug your Rj11 Cord from the Router and slip the LX457 Adaptor inline


Stabilize your connection, especially from REIN Noise that causes disconnection or line errors
Helps to optimize the line speed and in many cases improve it
Surge Protection from overvoltage's occurring on the network (excluding lighting)
Very low Capacitance circuit designed for modern Hi Speed Broad- band networks
Fitted in seconds between your Line cord and Router. Broadband Stabiliser and Line Conditioner - Rj11 plug to Rj11 Socket

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