Pro-Elec Mixed Pack of 10 Fuses 2x 3Amp 2x 5 Amp and 6 x 13 Amp



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This handy little multi-pack of 10 fuses includes 2x 3 Amp, 2x 5 Amp and 6x 13 Amp.

High quality multi pack of fuses. 

Package content:

6x13AMP Brown.
2x5AMP Black.
2x3AMP Red.

Load Capacity 

Brown (Maximum load 3250W) - Suitable for fridges, washing machines, freezers, kettles, irons, toasters, etc.
Black (Maximum load 1250W) - Suitable for televisions, hairdryers, vacuum cleaners, etc.
Red (Maximum load 750W) - Suitable for table lamps, radios, clocks, etc.

Manufactured in the UK to BS1362.
Always use the correct rating of fuse for the appliance and if in doubt contact a qualified electrician.

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