Panasonic CR2016 Coin Cell Battery Lithium 3V Pack of 4

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Panasonic CR2016 batteries are highly reliable and can function at temperatures as low as -20oC and as high as +65oC. These cells use lithium chemistry to deliver a voltage of 3V and a capacity of 80-90mAh. With a diameter of 12.5mm and a height of only 1.6mm, these are compact, high density batteries which are perfect for hand held electronic equipment.

These batteries are supplied in a pack of 4 and the lithium technology used in these cells means that they can be stored for 10 years with minimal loss of power. Panasonic CR2016 batteries are a straight swap for the 280-202, 280-204, 280-206, BR2016, CR2016, DL2016, EA50CF, ECR2016, FA, KL2016, LF1/4V and SB-T11 models.

Panasonic CR2016 batteries give the consumer a high performance alternative to alkaline batteries. These batteries are perfect for portable electronic devices and can be used to power an array of gadgets, ranging from toys to watches.

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