Pulse 500W ATX PSU Power Supply Low Noise 12cm Red Fan for PC



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Certified RoHS compliant and with Power Factor Control - giving you a safe and stable foundation to build systems from.

Comes with a superb 12cm fan that offers quiet operation but with proper cooling and airflow - less noise means you're working in a more peaceful environment and the right cooling ensures maximum lifespan of your products.

Supplied with all the appropriate cables, providing the maximum compatibility with popular CPU's and mainboards.


Power Factor Control.
Silent with better ventilation.
ATX 12V compliant for most CPU's and mainboards.
Input Voltage Options: 115Vac, 230Vac or switchable.


1x 20+4 Pin Motherboard Connector.
2x SATA Connectors.
3x Molex Connectors.
1x 4-Pin +12V.
1x FDD.

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