ReCyko+ Pre-Charged NiMH Rechargeable C Batteries| 3000mAh 2-Pack



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GP ReCyko + combines the advantages of batteries and rechargeable batteries. Ready to use and rechargeable!

With only one GP ReCyko + you get the power of 1,000 alkaline batteries - so you save money and protect the environment.

The battery-typical self-discharge is very low: Even after 12 months you have with GP ReCyko + for about 85% of the power available.


Minimal self-discharge
Ready for immediate use
Super high capacity rechargeable battery
More powerful than Alkaline batteries
Holds power up to 80% after 2 years when not in use
Money saving- Each battery replaces up to 1000 single-use batteries
2 x 3000mAh C Batteries


Size: C
Alternative battery types: HR14, LR15, C, AM2, L, MN1400, 814, E93, LR14N, 14A, KC, R14, BA3042, U7522, UM2, 1/2 Torcia
Technology: NiMH
Content: 2 pcs
Capacity: 3000 mAh
25.5 mm
Height: 49.5 mm
Rechargeable: Yes
Voltage: 1.2 V
Weight: 70 g

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