Renata CR1632 Coin Cell Battery Lithium 3V



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This single pack contains a new Renata 3V CR1632 lithium coin cell battery, typically used in watches, sports and health equipment, toys, scales, Cameras, keyboards, security devices, key fobs and other low-to medium-drain applications such as small calculators.

These Renata CR1632 batteries are interchangeable with many other cells, including the Varta CR1632, the Duracell DL1632, the Kodak KL1632 and the Maplin N74HW. Lithium manganese oxide cells are the most commonly used consumer grade lithium battery, capable of delivering high pulse currents.

These batteries give your device the level of power that it needs to provide you the ultimate in performance thanks to its close association with Swiss watch industry, Renata has first-hand knowledge of what a high quality battery must stand for.


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