Renata LR44 (A76, V13GA) Coin Battery Alkaline 1.5V Pack of 2



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Shipped in a convenient twin blister pack of two separate alkaline cells, these Renata LR44 batteries have a nominal rating of 1.5 Volts. Output is specified at approximately 138mA/h with a uniform discharge curve.

The cells are commonly used in small devices such as calculators, digital thermometers, LED flashlights and key fob lights. They may be used in several types of small watches or clocks and are also the correct size for certain small toys, electrical multimeters and presentation laser pointers. Some smaller handheld video games also use LR44 cells, we recommend checking your device labelling or instructions before ordering.

LR44 battery cells are also compatible with devices which require LR154, 157, 303 and 357 cells in addition to other codes including AG13, G13, L1154, V13GA, A76, 1166A, A76LR44, AG-13, FM28F, GP76A, GPA76, KA76, L1154, RW82 and V13GA.

Light in weight at just 4.0 grammes, the Retana LR44 button cells are approximately 5.4 millimetres in height and 11.6 millimetres in diameter. They are ideal for household or workshop spares and intended for single use before safe disposal.

These batteries give your device the level of power that it needs to provide you the ultimate in performance thanks to its close association with Swiss watch industry, Renata has first-hand knowledge of what a high quality battery must stand for.

The blister pack contains two Retana LR44 batteries.

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