Tpad UK QWERTY USB Wired Keyboard with Touchpad Mouse


This Tpad Qwerty keyboard with touch pad function is a great buy for the office.

This Keyboard has soft silent Keys for those quiet offices and wider key gaps which allow for easy cleaning. Featuring Fashionable chocolate keys with a built-in touchpad this compact, ultra-slim and ergonomic designed keyboard is a popular choice for any office.


Connectivity: USB 2.0 Connection
Keyboard, mouse and hot key all-in-one design, for maximum convenience.
Precise and reliable Touchpad scroll direction-controller.
Fashionable design, comfortable.
Multi-language support; Ultra-slim and fashionable appearance.
Plug and play.


Size: 368mm × 118mm × 28mm.
Cable length: 1.6m.
Material: 475/ABS.
Net Weight: 365g.
Key Quantity: 88 key caps.
Key Elasticity: 508g.
Pretravel distance of keys: 0.9±0.2mm.
Total travel distance of keys: 2.2±0.5mm.
Key life span: 10 million clicks.
Working environment temperature: 0°C - 45°C.
Operating Humidity: 20%~90% non-condensation.
Working voltage: +5VDC±10%.
Working current: +5VDC±50mA.