Wireless Qi Charger 5w for Compatible iPhone Samsung Phone Black


The Qi induction charging technology enables wireless charging of smartphones and tablets.

All you have to do is place your mobile phone on the pad for charging with Qi, it prevents the phone's charging port from wear and tear. The Qi is a standardized system, the charging pad and the mobile phone do not have to be from the same manufacturer, this way any Qi charger will be compatible with a variety of different mobile phones.


Compact round wireless QI charger (5W).
Anti-skid charging pad surface Simply connect the pad to a USB power adapter and place your Qi-enabled mobile device on the pad to start charging.
Compatible with all Qi-certified devices, including several Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy S models, Nokia Lumia models and several other phone models of different brands.
Requires 5V/2A power adapter (not included).
Supports Audio Return Channel technology (HARC).